Natural Children’s Hair Stylist in Dumfries, VA

Passion Hair Salon welcomes kids! We specialize in children’s hair styling, welcoming boys and girls with the ability to style classic and modern looks. From cornrows and baby doll braids to trimming, styling and relaxer treatments, we offer a full range of salon services for our youngest clients in Dumfries, VA.

As a woman- and minority-owned and -operated business, we’re the place to come when you need a natural stylist for children. We can give your little one clean braids to build their confidence with a look they’ll love to grow up with!

Natural Styling for Boys and Girls

Looking for a children’s hair stylist with experience in both boys’ and girls’ hair? Bring the whole family to Passion Hair Salon and give everyone a hairstyle worth showing off! Our natural stylists are up-to-date on the latest fashions for all kids, as well as classic styles that will never go out of style. Our experience with all types of kids’ styling means they’ll be in the chair for the shortest possible time, to make a visit to our salon quick and painless for everyone.

Community Focused Salon

We love styling hair for the kids of our Dumfries, VA community! Our business has grown here because kids grow up and continue to come to us—and eventually, bring their own kids in for styling. We’ve become a staple in the community and we love to see our youngest clients grow up into young adults with their own style and personality.

Styling for the Whole Family

Passion Hair Salon welcomes clients of all ages—including kids 12 and under. Our familiarity with kids styling and our friendly, personable atmosphere makes us your destination for styling services for the whole family. No matter how old they are, we’ll make sure your kids leave the chair with a natural, fresh style that gives them confidence. Call 703-221-0015 today to schedule an appointment.